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Photo: Milan Vojtek, sxc.hu, k-report.net, studentagency.cz

How to get to Brno

By air

Airport Brno-Turany is (or will be) accessible by direct flights from London, Moscow, Rome, Milano, Bergamo, and Prague. Other airports nearby with relatively fast connection by train or bus are in Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague.


The Brno main station lies directly in the city centre. Trains between Prague and Brno operate in 1-hour intervals. Brno is also easily accessible by direct trains from Wien, Bratislava, Berlin or Budapest, which operate several times a day. Please consult the optimal connection with electronic timetables.


The Brno bus station "UAN Zvonarka" lies nearby the city centre and is accessible from most of Central European capitals. Please consult the optimal connection with electronic timetables.


Brno has highway connection with Prague (route D1, approx. 200 km) and Bratislava (route D2, approx. 120 km). From Wien use routes A5, B7 (Austria), and 52 (Czech Republic).

Travelling within the Brno city

Conference participants will be transferred between the Voronez hotel and conference venue by buses. If you intend to use public transport for your journey to hotel, conference venue or city centre, please find suitable connection at electronic timetables. English and German language version is available (see bottom right corner of the search form). List of the most important stops:

  • "Univerzitni kampus" (conference venue) (show on map)
  • "Krizkovskeho" (hotels Voronez I and II) (show on map)
  • "Vystaviste - hlavni vstup" (Garni hotel Vinarska) (show on map)
  • "Letiste Turany" (Brno airport) (show on map)
  • "Hlavni nadrazi" (main railway station) (show on map)
  • "Autobusove nadrazi" or "Zvonarka"(bus station) (show on map)

One-way ticket costs 22 CZK (approx. 0.9 Euro).


Czech Republic has temperate climate. At the end of June the weather is usually warm and temperatures may occasionally exceed 30 °C (86 °F).