Programme of the conference Topics Information Tools for Global Environmental Assessment

(Convenors: Ladislav Dušek, e-mail: and Ivan Holoubek, e-mail:

Global Environmental Assessment is a complex process of assessing the influence of human activities on ecosystem duality and vice versa. The endpoint is a prospective or retrospective assessment of stress factors influence (chemical contaminants, anthropogenic interventions or natural disasters) on ecosystems and their parts. Monitoring and collecting of available information as the source data for Global Environmental Assessment is a key part of the process for the assessor. The availability and quality of input data determines the complexity and feasibility of the process. In the problem description phase it is possible to use public available high-quality data from on-line Internet databases and web services, e.g. toxicological properties of chemicals, GIS characteristics and maps and so on.

ISESS 2011 will work to summarize the Global Environmental Assessment methodology, provide basic overview of information and communication technologies (ICT) used, show available Internet databases and software and, in the practical part of this work, introduce appropriate software applications used during this process.

This is exactly what is challenging the future. Therefore ISESS 2011 calls for papers related to

  • Web portals, (e.g. Management of Bioindication Methods and Ecotoxicological Tests portal etc.),
  • Internet database used in monitoring to assess the ecological state of the rivers, land, soil, etc. with respect quality of human life,
  • Supplemental ICT tools for environmental information systems as data import/collection/export client applications,
  • ICT tools for analysis of biotic data used in Global Environmental Assessment like Biodiversity application for computation of frequently used biodiversity indices,
  • Advanced ICT application for multimetric comparison of heterogeneous data and metrics of quality environmental data.

Some of these subtopics will be discussed through the formal presentation of papers.