Programme of the conference Topics Environmental Information Systems and Services - Infrastructures and Platforms

(Convenor: Arne Berre, e-mail:

This session follows the workshop ENVIP at EnviroInfo 2010 with particular interest of the architectural, technical, and developmental foundations of infrastructures supporting flexible discovery and chaining of distributed environmental services, and showing how they combine synergistically to enable better collaborations on the scale required by Future Internet connected environments. The session aims to bring together researchers (e.g. leading modelers, architects, system vendors, open-source projects, developers, domain experts, and end-users) from academia, industry and government addressing many of these issues (including recent developments in tools and techniques, and real-world implementations of environmental infrastructures), and promote and foster a greater understanding of how open environmental service infrastructures can enable enhanced collaboration between public authorities, businesses and the general public for a better management of the environment and its natural resources.