Programme of the conference Kantilena Mixed Choir Brno

Kantilena Mixed Choir was founded in 2006. Its members are mainly ex-singers of the selective children’s choir Kantilena in Brno. The first conductor of the mixed choir was the founder of Kantilena, professor Ivan Sedlacek. He conducted the children’s choir Kantilena for over 50 years. Since June 2010 the choirmaster and artistic leader has been Martin Franze, MgA.

Kantilena Mixed Choir performs a repertoire, which includes a wide range of compositions, from polyphonic music to current composers. In 2010 it released CD Ochutnavka (Tasting), in which it presents music by Antonin Dvorak and renaissance polyphony. Since its beginning, the choir has aimed at a high standard of amateur singing.


1) Leos Janacek - Kacena divoka (Wild duck)
2) Slovak folk song - Prsi, prsi (It's raining)
3) Czech folk song - Jede sedlak (The farmer coming)
4) Leos Janacek - Laska opravdiva (True love)

Martin Franze

A graduate of Brno conservatoire in solo singing and a graduate of Brno Music Academy in choir conducting. In 1993–1997 he was a member of the Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno. He also co-operated with other ensembles, both as a singer and conductor. Since 1996 he founded Musica da Camera Brno. He performed over 100 concerts with them and recorded two compact discs. In 1997–2005 he was the conductor of the mixed choir Virtuosi di Mikulov and since 2010 of Kantilena Mixed Choir. Martin Franze also does occasional composing. Some of his work was composed especially for the Kantilena Mixed Choir.